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Research Assistant

Fargo, ND, USA

Job Type

Internship or Multi-Semester Co-op

About the Company

Elinor Coatings creates solutions for corrosion, degradation, and fouling through research in surface protection. We value environmental sustainability and conservation and diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and personalities.

Internship Duties

Assist in protective coating formulation, testing and corrosion evaluation:

  • Formulate coatings following written procedures

  • Learn and use ASTM testing standards to measure mechanical properties

  • Operate a digital microscope to conduct coatings evaluation

Understand data management and research reporting:

  • Follow standard operating procedures for data acquisition and data entry

  • Learn proper lab book recording

  • Become familiar with database handling and report generating

Learn and use basic safety, skills, and operating procedures in a laboratory setting:

  • Maintain safe and clean workspaces consistent with environmental regulations and best practices

  • Follow lab standard operating procedures

  • Practice good chemical hygiene

  • Follow proper cybersecurity protocols

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in meetings and reports when appropriate

  • Assist with field testing if needed

  • Learn basic principles of Lean Six Sigma

  • Other duties as assigned


  • College student (Junior, Senior, or Graduate) or recent graduate by the time you begin your internship

  • Major in field of science or engineering

  • Minimum two semesters of chemistry lab experience

  • Knowledge of basic corrosion principles

  • Oral and written communication skills to enable working with multi-disciplinary groups of individuals with diverse backgrounds


  • 10-20 hours/weekly during school year

  • 40 hours/weekly during summer

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