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Jump Start Your CAREER

Gain valuable experience by working hands on with accomplished industry leaders. With various internship positions, ranging from administrative to technical opportunities, Elinor Coatings will have an internship for you.


Elinor Coatings wants you to grow.

Elinor Coatings is deeply committed to nurturing the growth of our interns, not only within their chosen career paths but in their personal lives as well. Elinor has fostered an environment where interns are encouraged to push boundaries, think independently, and embrace innovation.


Beyond technical skills, the Elinor internship program emphasizes critical thinking, teamwork, and effective communication, preparing you for the complex challenges of the modern workplace.



School Credit

Internships are open to current college students or those who are less than 1 year out of school. They can be used for college credit.

Flexible Schedules

Elinor Coatings offers flexible scheduling. Work around your classes and activites.

401K Match

Elinor Coatings believes in preparing for retirement early, and offers a 5% 401K match for all employees, including interns.

Competitive Salary

Starting wage of $15/hour with regular opportunities for raises.

Internship Types

Elinor Coatings offers two types of internships, school year and summer. Interns are encouraged to stay with Elinor throughout their college career, and can complete multiple internship periods. Interns who are graduating can also apply to more senior roles, such as Laboratory Technician or Coatings Chemist.

School Year

School year internships run from September to May. These internships usually consist of 10-20 hours/weekly and the schedule can be more flexible.


Summer internships run from May to August. These internships usually consist of 30-40 hours/weekly and your schedule is more consistent. 

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