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About Us

At Elinor Coatings, We provide novel solutions to corrosion, degradation and fouling. Our expertise in materials and coatings is used to develop products that aid in protecting natural resources. Elinor Coatings prioritizes diversity, as the best ideas are achieved with a team of individuals with different backgrounds and perspective.

Our Vision

Founded in 2006, Elinor Coatings specializes in research in galvanic corrosion and the creation of anti-corrosion and surface protection solutions. By employing cutting edge technology and comprehensive material research, evaluation, and testing procedures, we produce high-quality chromate-free coating products for use in military and commercial applications.

What We Do

At Elinor Coatings, we focus on providing greener surface protection technology to the market. The efforts of our design and research team have culminated in the creation of specialty coatings that protect metal from corrosion, degradation, and fouling without the use of toxic heavy metals. These coatings are specially formulated to serve as a durable alternative to hexavalent chromium-based coatings. Our scientists are also available for small research and development projects to multi-year contracts. Through consultations with the contracting company, we identify the key coating characteristics required and develop solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our Story

Elinor Coatings recognized a need for knowledge about galvanic corrosion and specialty coatings. Specifically, to provide products that are greener and safer, with better protection, while actively providing protection for our planet. This started with eliminating products containing hexavalent chromium. Used extensively as a corrosion inhibitor, hexavalent chromium is on the global list of carcinogens and pollutants; poisons, toxins and carcinogens can be replaced with modern engineered solutions that better understand alloys and the environment.