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Elinor Coatings, LLC provides research services for galvanic and ferrous corrosion and specialty coating solutions.  We are committed to continuously developing innovative products that serve as safer, greener, and more durable alternatives to the legacy products available in the market.


Coatings Development

Elinor Coatings, LLC specializes in optimizing existing coatings and finding innovative solutions when faced with challenges such as new regulations or discontinued production of select coatings. Our experienced team assesses your specific requirements and develops tailored strategies to address them.


Federal Contracting

Elinor Coatings, LLC proudly supports the Department of Defense by executing contracts dedicated to the development and creation of specialized coatings. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements and rigorous standards of the defense industry, Elinor delivers coatings that meet specifications.

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Work With Our Team

Elinor makes it easy and safe to protect aluminum and multi-metal surfaces used in aerospace, marine and industrial applications. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Elinor implemented strategies to continue working safely, while staying on schedule and creating high quality results for customers.

Tour the Facility

Embark on your virtual tour from the comfort of your own screen. Discover why Elinor Coatings is the preferred choice for professionals in the coatings industry

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