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Peelable Preservation Coating

Waterborne, one component, low VOC, UV resistant polyurethane/acrylic hybrid pigmented coating system for limiting exposure of aircraft to environmental damage. Easily removable from a wide range of substrates by peeling after full cure, with no residue leftover.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

Substrates should be clean, dry, and free from dirt or dust prior to application. 

PPC-001 has been tested on commercial aircraft topcoat conforming to MIL-DTL-85285, aluminum 2024 metal, glass, and polypropylene plastic substrates. PPC-001was easily peelable from all substrates tested with no leftover residue.

Mixing Instructions

Mixing Instructions


Each batch of basecoat and topcoat should be mixed thoroughly prior to application to ensure proper pigment dispersion. Mixing can be performed by hand, low shear mixing equipment, or with a paint shaker.

Neither BRB-001 nor TRW-001 require thinning. Water can be used to clean the pressure pot, fluid hose, spray gun, and for any small spills. Wastewater and soiled rags should be properly disposed of according to local/national regulations.



The quality of the application of all coatings will be influenced by the spray equipment chosen and the temperature, humidity, and air flow of the paint application area. We recommend preparing test panels to determine optimized equipment and settings for your application.

Both basecoat and topcoat should be applied using conventional spray equipment with pressurized fluid delivery. Wet film thickness at 35 mils or less was suitable to avoid sagging. 

BRB-001/TRW-001: pot pressure = 10 psi, line pressure = 70 psi, fluid nozzle = 0.070 in (1.8 mm) with appropriate fluid needle. Gun settings should be adjusted as necessary by the applicator.




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